Maternity Clothing - What Every Woman Needs To Know About Maternity Clothes

By Jennifer Davis

Let's face it: maternity clothing is ugly and expensive. Since most women don't need to wear maternity clothes until the second trimester, at most you'll only be getting six months of use out of those ugly $200 overalls to cover your ever expanding stomach. I couldn't bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe when I already felt so ugly, so I resorted to making my own for as long as possible. For example, I really didn't want to buy old lady underwear that would cover me from my belly button to the tops of my thighs. They were hot and uncomfortable anyway, but there aren't many sexy maternity panties around.

Instead of going commando, I decided to wear my husband's briefs. Surprisingly, they were comfortable and even looked kind of cute on me. Recently, I was watching Oprah and saw that I wasn't the only woman who's done that during the latter months of a pregnancy. Still, even with the underwear problems solved I was in desperate need of maternity clothes. You can only wear your old college sweatshirts and pants for so long before you break down and buy a real pair of maternity pants.

Out of all of the maternity clothes that I bought during my pregnancy, the jeans were by far the most expensive. We all know how hard it can be to find a decent pair of jeans as it is, try finding a pair of jeans when you're pregnant! First of all, the options are way more limited. Most stores don't even carry maternity clothes, and I absolutely refused to buy jeans at Wal Mart. Low prices come at a high cost, let me tell you. I eventually found a pair, but they cost more than I'm willing to admit. I will say, however, that I had to hide the receipt from my husband.

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